Mutational-based medicine in breast cancer

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Mutational-based medicine in breast cancer

Authors: Dr. M. Balic, Clinical Oncologist

                Dr. C.W. Menke-van der Houven van Oordt, Medical Oncologist

                Prof. dr. M.J. van de Vijver, Pathologist


Remarkable progress in sequencing technology over the past two decades has made it possible to profile tumors and identify clinically relevant genetic alterations. In breast cancer, the use of this technology has helped identifying key alterations in the PI3K pathway and PIK3CA gene which, in turn, have led to the development of several drugs targeting these alterations. In this Pharmacotherapy-Online Video Special on mutational-based medicine in breast cancer three specialists, Prof. dr. van de Vijver, Dr. Balic and Dr. Menke, each highlight different aspects of this new development in breast cancer treatment.